Engine Service Overland ParkWhat do you get when you take the engine out of a car? A very expensive paperweight. A non-working engine is the same as if you took the engine out of the car. Without a good running engine, your car is no longer a car. Keep your engine running as it should with good engine service from Overland Park’s best auto repair shop in town — Keeton Auto Repair. If your car is in need of engine repair, don’t worry. We have that covered too. At Keeton Auto Repair, we can do it all!

Engine Repair Overland Park KS

In order for your car to move, your engine needs to be working correctly. To keep your engine running properly, you need to keep up with your engine services. If you don’t keep up with your engine services, your engine may fail, and it may be time for a repair. Overland Park’s residents trust the expert professionals at Keeton Auto Repair when in need of engine repairs. Here at Keeton Auto Repair, we ensure you are treated with respect, honesty, and professionalism. We know how important picking an auto repair place can be, and we strive to be your only choice for engine repairs and servicing.

Engine Service Overland Park KS

Keeping up with your engine’s services is critical in preventing significant damages later on in your car’s life. Bringing your vehicle into Keeton Auto Repair is the best way to ensure your vehicle is getting the best service around. Depending on what is needed or requested, When an engine service is asked for, one or more is performed:

  • Oil leak diagnostic
  • Timing belt or chain inspection
  • Timing belt or chain replacement
  • Head gasket servicing
  • Engine replacements
  • Diagnostics
  • & More

Do your car and wallet a favor and bring your vehicle into Keeton Auto Repair in Overland Park KS, today. We will work with you and get your vehicle up and running again like it used to, or help keep you on track with your engine services.

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If your car’s engine is clunking along or smells like you left eggs in the car for three weeks, make an appointment online or by giving us a call today. Our staff is ready and able to tackle any automotive repair needs you may have. Getting you back on the road and keeping you safe is why we got into the auto repair business. Make an appointment today, and let us make those engine repairs a thing of the past.

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