Diagnostics Overland ParkLet’s face it – no one knows your car better than you do. So when something is wrong, chances are you know it. Maybe you feel a new rattle or shake. Perhaps you notice your gears don’t shift like they used to. Or maybe, the dreaded check engine light has come on. Chances are you aren’t qualified to diagnose these problems yourself, and even the most highly trained mechanic probably couldn’t pinpoint the issue with the naked eye. That’s where computer diagnostic testing comes in. The pros at Keeton Auto Repair in Overland Park KS are the computer diagnostic experts and can find your car’s problem – fast.

Computer Diagnostics Overland Park KS

When you decide your car has a problem and you bring it in for computer diagnostic testing, what actually happens? The pros at Keeton Auto Repair will connect your vehicle to a state-of-the-art computer diagnostic machine, which will communicate directly with the onboard computers in your car. Your car will then produce a series of computer codes detailing the status of nearly every system in your car. Our techs can quickly and easily read through this data and use it to help determine precisely where your problem lies. This data can also even be used to predict issues that might crop up in the future. When the test is over (it only takes a few minutes), our techs will explain the problem and work with you on setting up needed repairs.

Check Engine Light Overland Park KS

The check engine light in your car is a kind of “catch-all” for problems with your car. It could mean engine problems, transmission issues, or even exhaust trouble – other than glaring physical signs, there is usually no way to know what is wrong. If your check engine light is on, there is a definite temptation to ignore it and keep driving as usual. This is a mistake. This could lead to costly repairs, even break-downs, so if your check engine light is on, get your car in for computer diagnostic testing from Keeton Auto Repair as soon as possible. You’ll be glad you did.

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Whether you feel something is going wrong with your car or your check engine light has been activated, it is definitely time for computer diagnostics from Keeton Auto Repair in Overland Park, KS. We can find any problem your car has and discuss any needed repairs, and all our work comes with a 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty. If your car has an issue and you don’t know what it might be, the pros at Keeton Auto Repair have got you covered with computer diagnostics.

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