Brake Service Overland ParkStopping on time and effectively is what keeps you safe on the road and from blasting through a red light uncontrollably. Your car’s brakes are to thank for that. Keeping your brakes serviced and inspected frequently helps ensure they are working properly every time you drive. Here at Keeton Auto Repair in Overland Park KS, we want to keep every one of our customers as safe as we can. Give yourself peace of mind by keeping up with your brake service Overland Park KS or repairs with the brake experts at Keeton Auto Repair.

Brake Service Overland Park KS

No matter who you ask about the best interval for a brake inspection or repair, the answer will always differ from mechanic to mechanic. We recommend getting a complete brake service done at least once a year at Keeton Auto Repair. During this process, your calipers, brake pads, and rotors are tested and inspected. Another good preventative maintenance you can perform is getting your brake pads checked with every oil change, so about once every three months. Doing so will give you a good idea of how long you have left until you need new brake pads since the pads are the first thing to wear out in the braking system.

Brake Repair Overland Park KS

A brake repair is a bit more in-depth than an inspection or service. Repairing your brakes could mean resurfacing your rotors due to hot spots, replacing the rotors, or replacing your caliper completely. If you hear a squealing or smell a burnt smell when you brake, don’t ignore these signs. Bring your vehicle into Keeton Auto Repair today and have our mechanics fix the issue. We are the brake experts and have been servicing brakes and keeping drivers safe for years. Remember, the smallest of problems can lead to bigger ones in no time, don’t neglect your brakes. Let us help keep your brakes working properly.

Make An Appointment For Brake Service Overland Park

We make getting your brakes repaired with us here at Keeton Auto Repair worry-free with our 3 months/ 36k mile warranty. Make sure your brakes are taken care of by making an appointment online or by giving us a call today. Our staff is ready and able to tackle any automotive repair needs you may have. Getting you back on the road and keeping you safe is why we got into the auto repair business. Make an appointment today, and let us make those brake repairs a thing of the past.

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