AC & Heat Repair & Service

AC / Heat Repair & Service

Auto AC Repair & Service Overland Park KS

Your car’s AC system is what keeps you comfortable year-round. At Keeton Auto Repair, we want to make your drive comfortable no matter the weather conditions. Imagine it’s a hot summer day in Overland Park, you jump in your car and crank the air conditioning, and all that blows in your face is just warm air. Has this ever happened to you? The good news is you can prevent this or fix this issue by bringing your car into Keeton Auto Repair for an AC diagnostic and repair service. For your car’s AC system, we offer:

  • System diagnostics
  • Heater core replacements
  • AC compressor inspections
  • Blower motor inspections
  • & many more services

No one should drive around uncomfortable in the summer heat. Protect yourself from the summer heat with a working AC system, cared for by the expert mechanics at Keeton Auto Repair. Don’t worry. Our waiting room is nice and cool during the summer months.

Auto Heating Repair & Service Overland Park KS

Ah, the long-lost, never talked about, cousin of the AC system in your car, the heater. If you have spent a winter in Overland Park KS, you know just how vital your heater is. Same as the AC system, nothing is worse than starting your car and letting it heat up while you get ready for work or start your day, only to get in it, and it’s somehow colder than when you started the car. That could be a heater core problem, and do you know who the best auto AC and heater repair and service provider in all of Overland Park is? Yup, you guessed it, Keeton Auto Repair. Bring your car into Keeton Auto Repair for the proper fix at the right price for your auto AC and heating system.

Auto AC & Heat Repair Near Me

We make getting your auto AC and heating system done with us here at Keeton Auto Repair a breeze with our comfy, clean waiting area, time will fly by, and your car will be done in no time. Make sure you are comfortable year-round by making an appointment online or by giving us a call today. Our staff is ready and able to tackle any automotive repair needs you may have. Getting you back on the road and keeping you safe is why we got into the auto repair business. Make an appointment today, and let us make you comfortable every time you sit behind the wheel.

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